Working with Shay was a truly transformative experience. His positive personality and easy going nature allowed him to create a space, even virtually, in which I felt both safe and comfortable enough to take reflective risks that I may not have taken otherwise. He truly immerses himself in others in a manner which allows him to provide insightful feedback that most others are not able to provide because they do not take the time or exert the effort to pay such close attention to detail. I would recommend Shay to anyone seeking a truly genuine and reflective experience.
Nicollette C.
I feel extremely lucky to have had Shay as a life coach. He helped me navigate through a difficult problem and celebrated my progress with me. He is a great listener and I was impressed at his recall for our previous sessions, often recalling details from past discussions to highlight an insight into my current situation. Shay has fantastic creative ideas and tools that were fun and helpful at exploring ideas or emotions. He has an amazing sense of fun which meant there were many welcomed laughs during times of serious discussion. A combination of empathy, genuine compassion, enthusiasm, humor and insight make Shay excel at life coaching. He has a true natural talent!
Nic I.
Shay is a great Life Coach. He has so much wisdom. However, it is so natural to him. It really is a unique gift that he has. His work is deep and out of the box, lively & unique. I truly appreciate his style. It's my favorite. One learns a lot, opens up and leaves feeling more enabled/connected to take those steps into their direction and calling.
Ruby S.
Working with Shay for Strengths Coaching has been extremely valuable in identifying who I am as a person through Gallup Strengths. Shay provided me with the tools and insight to rediscover who I am through the analysis of my strengths which speak to my skills and abilities. Professionally, it will be beneficial for me because I now have a greater self-awareness of my strengths and will be able to speak to them in working with and serving others. Shay has also helped me be reflective in how I see the world, and how others see me; he has allowed me to articulate who I am and what I bring to a working team. His coaching style is raw honesty and encouragement, he has the gift of easily connecting with others, which allowed me to be vulnerable and open to some raw conversations that I may have not felt comfortable having with others. My time with Shay provided me with a lot of growth professionally and personally.
Nikki P.
I didn't even know I was looking for a "life coach" until I needed one, and that's when Shay Sun appeared on my horizon! He is a vibrant and invigorating coach--extremely skilled at keeping my focus on current goals, while at the same time, teaching me techniques to overcome obstacles which might interfere with my life's vision or purpose. Shay has quickly become a major asset in my life, challenging me with lots of practical tools to maximize my potential! This guy is an expert in his field, totally professional. I am so thankful to have Shay Sun in my corner!
Scott B.
Shay Sun is a natural at his calling. Pair this with extensive training and you get a very effective Life Coach! I always feel that Shay truly listens to me and knows how best to help me tap into my inner voice. I leave his sessions with a deeper awareness of self and feeling motivated and capable of progress and success. I am always impressed the depth of his "tool box." He has helped me reach my writing goals and overcome performance jitters. Shay is exuberant, thoughtful, intelligent and inspiring. I highly recommend his life coaching.
Nicole C.
Shay has a way of making you feel that you are the only person on the planet! When I am in his office, he is extremely present! He is a natural at listening intently. He is welcoming, encouraging and optimistic. He is wise in his field and always faithful to end our session with giving me a task that will assist me as I go thru the week. The work I have done with Shay has been life changing!
Tamara P.
In the short time I have met with Shay, I have acquired skills to deal with work and personal life issues that could have gotten out of control. Things are always getting better at work and my relationship with my husband has never been better. I have Shay to thank for this.
Susie J.
I plan to write a more detailed review when I am further into the coaching with Shay but felt compelled to write a quick note to say that my work with him has been life changing already in just 2 months. I have taken control over so many areas that I felt would be impossible before I went in for my first coaching session. He has tools and knowledge on how to empower you to be your best self! I highly recommend him as a coach... I have continued my coaching with Shay indefinitely because I have found that my original perception of him and his life passion of coaching was true. He is a natural and this is not "work" to him. It is his life calling. I strongly believe that Shay Coaching will continue to rise to higher and higher callings and I feel very privileged to have been among his "guinea pigs". Through coaching with Shay, I have gained a higher clarity and awareness in my life and have accomplished things that I never thought would be possible for me. Coaching with Shay helps one make more conscious choices in life and empowers one to reach their highest potential! You will never regret coaching with Shay!
Nichole A.
Shay has been a phenomenal asset in my life. My time with him has allowed me to make time for self reflection, challenge, and growth. I appreciate his wisdom, honesty, and the fact that he exposes you to different tools and philosophies. Some of the most important relationships in my life have improved and my goals are materializing which makes me feel fulfilled. In sum, I highly recommend him and encourage you to visit him even if you're not sure if this is what you need in your life. You'll be pleasantly surprised by his talent.
Sheila E.
I had Shay as my 8th grade teacher a few years ago. He taught me a lot about leadership, and "The 7 levels of Effectiveness." Through the leadership class I had in the morning I learned how to become a better leader. I learned about the brain and how it affects the way we think. From this one class I became the person I wanted to be. I am now graduating and will forever remember that one class, that one class that made me who I am now.
Savannah S.
Shay was able to help me steer me from an issue that I had with my father to myself. He taught me tiny habits to change the course of my day, so I meet my own needs instead of look for them outside of myself! Shay is wise, discerning, intuitive, and helpful every time! I know I can always come to Shay with whatever is truly on my heart and mind, and I’m not afraid to tell him anything! I trust him with my whole heart, and he protects it every time! I would highly recommend working with Shay in any aspect for your life! He is wise!!!!!
Linda N.

I was once a person with a fixed mindset. Just within a few months, Shay and his lessons helped me achieve a growth mindset. His lessons, philosophies, and kind attitude are some of the things that I still use to this day.

Jordan L.